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        Kaiping Zhiyuan Hardware Factory was founded in 2016 Founded on December 6, the company is located at No. 4, No. 54, Changlong Road West, Longsheng Town, Kaiping City, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province. It mainly produces and operates automotive chassis, hardware, rubber and other products. The company has been committed to industry for many years, effectively promoting joint ventures and cooperation with major enterprises and manufacturers, and serving the society and users with the idea of industrial development.

        The enterprise follows the business principle of "honesty and trustworthiness" and the purpose of "quality first, reputation first", wholeheartedly provides users with high-quality products and all-round services, constantly pursues development in the fierce market competition, and always guarantees quality and high-quality services, which has won many customers' praise.

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  • Stabilizer Bushing:MR403775


  • Stabilizer Bushing:MR374520


  • Stabilizer Bushing:MR316227


  • Stabilizer Bushing:MR 491192

    MR 491192

  • Engine Mount:LR004511


  • Engine Mount:LR000597


  • Stabilizer Bushing:GA2A-34-156


  • Stabilizer Bushing:D031-34-156


  • Engine Mount:946 375 058 22

    946 375 058 22

  • Engine Mount:946 375 057 22

    946 375 057 22

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